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How does it work?

Our LED upgrades are Plug-n-Play (PNP). That means for most vehicles, no cutting or splicing of wires is required. The kits come with matching harnesses that utilizes your factory wiring and plugs. Simply remove your disconnect your factory wiring and plug in our adapter harness.

Locate the headlight bulb behind the headlight assembly and twist counter-clockwise until the bulb is free. If you cannot find or access the location of the bulb, please consult your owner's manual.


Disconnect the bulb from the harness by pushing down on the release tab. Connect the supplied harness into the factory wiring


Connect the other end of the supplied harness to the wire connection from the LED headlights and twist until the seal is secure.


Insert the LED bulb back into the headlight assembly and twist the bulb clockwise into the groove until the fit is snug and the seal is tight.