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What are Car LED Kits?

LED’s has become the hottest lighting option from automobile maker’s for the last several years but its use as headlights has recently emerged. You may have seen the shift from halogen DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) to LEDs. What was once available only on luxury cars is now readily available on all cars like the Nissan Sentra. LEDs provide more light output than traditional halogen bulbs while being more efficient with power consumption and heat.

While LEDs as replacement bulbs have been around for awhile, its use as a replacement to halogen and HID headlights are recent and rare only found on higher end Audi’s and Acura’s. LEDs provide excellent on-road visibility and are superior to halogens and HIDs in its physical construction (no glass to break) without requiring a ballast (HIDs require a ballast for warm up/voltage regulation). Not only are the physical construction of LEDs superior, but the longevity of LEDS will outlast traditional halogens, HIDs and possibly the car!
Advantages of LEDs over HIDs

*Energy efficient
*No warm-up time, instant max light output
*Physically more durable (no filament or glass)
*Light output does not depreciate over time
*Increased lifespan